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Women & ADHD
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Welcome to Women & ADHD

Finally ... you've found your people!

Finally ... you've found your people!

Welcome to the Women & ADHD online community, hosted by Katy Weber, ADHD advocate, coach & host of the top-rated Women & ADHD podcast.

  • If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD or think you have ADHD and you're looking for expert guidance, support and resources, come join us!
  • If you are an adult woman or you were socialized as a girl, you are welcome here!
  • If you are a listener of the Women & ADHD podcast and you'd like to connect with the host and other listeners, then this community is for you!


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  • Friendship & connection with other ADHD women
  • Private online forum & shared interest groups
  • Monthly virtual meetups
  • Online ADHD resource library & video archive